What makes Sutton Place unique are our five parks along
the East River from 53rd Street to 58th Street. These small public spaces provide for park visitors to relax and children
to play and learn. Workers visit the parks in the morning and
at lunch and sightseers enjoy the reflected sunset off the
river in the evening.


New Park

What We've Achieved

  • Maintained and cleaned our parks

  • Added more flowers and foliage in Clara Coffey Park between 53rd -
    54th Streets

  • Advocated for improvements and increased security in
    our parks

  • Added new rodent proof trash cans.

  • Teamed with Cathedral High School students to redesign the park at 58th Street with a monarch butterfly waystation

  • Installed an automated system automatically irrigating all of the new plantings, ensuring the beauty and longevity of the new trees, shrubs and lawn in the new Sutton Place Park

  • Celebrated the new park opening on September 14, 2019

Our Next Steps

  • Ensure that our gardens are watered and
    cleaned regularly

  • Celebrate the summer solstice with neighbors and families

  • Install new security cameras at all of
    our parks

  • Maintain and improve the butterfly garden

  • Plan for the future with new landscaping and amenities to beautify and enhance the enjoyment of all our parks