Neighborhood Police to Keep Parks Safe

Conservancy liaison representative Patricia Veneziano reports that in a new city-wide initiative the Police Department has assigned two Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCOs) to an area that includes the Sutton community and our parks. The purpose is to strengthen bonds with the communities where the officers patrol to become familiar with the residents and their problems, as well as fight crime. As reported previously, there will be security cameras installed at all the parks, but there is no word yet when that will take place. 

The 17th precinct has been divided into three sectors. The Sutton community is in sector C, called “Charlie,” from our 5 parks along the East River to Third Avenue between 53rd Street and 59th Street. The officers have “off-radio” time to engage with residents, learn about local problems, and “work toward solutions.” Officers for the Sutton community are Kenneth Feeley (917-847-1373) and Brittany Postiglione (917- 940-3508). If you see something, you can now say something to our NCOs.