Lawsuit Filed Against the City Opposes Bridge at Clara Coffey Park

The law firm Gibson Dunn, filed a petition on March 11 against the mayor, political representatives, and the New York Economic Development Corporation on behalf of Cannon Point Preservation Corp. (CPPC) opposing the current plan to build a bridge from Clara Coffey Park at 54th Street across the FDR Drive to the planned East Midtown Greenway which will connect with the esplanade that ends now at 61st Street. In an article published online by Law360 on March 15, CPPC President Jim Donovan was quoted saying that the bridge would be “unlawfully alienating designated parkland….” According to the article, the complaint states, among other things, that “the massive concrete bridge will be a ‘substantial intrusion’ that will occupy approximately one quarter of the park … obstructing parkgoers’ views of the East River and casting a shadow over much of the remaining park.” The complaint also states that while the plan provided for access points, it did not mention taking parkland away.

Gibson Dunn lawyers expect that the defendants will request an adjournment in order to prepare papers in opposition to the filing, which in turn will allow the Corporation’s lawyers to submit a reply, all to take place over a few months. They believe that the legal arguments and facts of law are on the Corporation’s side.