Connector Park to Open in June

The Conservancy was assured by Parks Dept. officials that the new park connecting the parks between 57th and 56th Streets is still due to open sometime in June. We were told that the “seawall seating” of “river benches" were to be manufactured starting the week of March 18th. The next step will be the fencing. This also has to be manufactured and then installed, and after that will come the flowers and foliage. The 57th Street park must also be restored and replenished after a long time without maintenance and the children’s sandbox will have to be cleaned and refilled or covered until a design for its replacement has been determined. SPPC is exploring possibilities that would allow for playing while also being attractive. Since the park exists over the FDR, there is little room in the understructure to hold a fountain or children’s climbing equipment unless it is very light weight.

If all goes as planned, the Conservancy will join with the Parks Dept., Councilman Ben Kallos, and other elected officials for a festive grand opening of the new park and the opening of the parks on each side sometime in July.